Acrobatics at Salthill beach with Galway Circus
galway circus at claddagh photo by claire sheehan creative
Circus life at Blackrock Beach Galway


Claire Sheehan Creative specialises in a special type of photography that encompasses purely catching the moment.

Usually this involves as little posing as possible, and capturing a more natural side to life. However it’s not every day you get the opportunity to capture circus folk doing what they do best – naturally defying gravity and making it look effortless in the process! Claire will work with you to make your photoshoot a creative, enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Here is an example of a photoshoot by Claire Sheehan Creative during Covid times in the safety of the outdoors with the EVS circus bubble from Galway Community Circus.

Claire Sheehan Creative can work with you to create photoshoots depending on your needs.

This photography session was for a seminar for the European Solidarity Corps volunteers to showcase their skills along with content from their year’s work in Galway Community Circus. It was an honour to be asked to capture these moments.

These images are an example of a service I can provide to you. A chance to build your portfolio of images for content and indeed future content. Photoshoots can be of any person, place or thing, Claire is always happy to get creative.

Alice, EVS of the European Solidarity Corps at Salthill diving tower, photo by Claire Sheehan 2020